Kingsport is the capitol city of the kingdom of Erchanhardt. Provinces include Rossiter, Saelac and Sarohildi.




Fog and humidity are by-products of Kingsport’s proximity to water. Rain is frequent throughout the spring and summer, while snow falls regularly throughout the winter. Ocean breezes keep Kingsport’s climate relatively mild, however, help rank Kingsport among the windiest cities and occasionally blow into full-fledged storms called “nor’easters.”



Major Businesses


Noble Quarter


The main districts of the city are:
*Governmental: The city council are located here, along with the meeting houses for the guilds, and the hall of records.
*Academic: The University and library both exists here.
*Wharf: The docks and shipyards, plus a rough and tumble area of housing, bars, shaops and inns for the dockworkers and visiting crew. Very rough and tumble.
*Merchant: A large area adjacent to the warfs and near the city gates where traders gathers. There is a large open air market and shops here. Criminals recieve justice in front of this area, including public humiliation and execution.
*Common: The lower class district. Crime and gangs are not uncommon here.
*Middle: This is the community of the middle class.
*High: This is where the wealthy and noble of the city reside.
*Justice: The public court is here, as is the jails and the guard barracks.
*Mage: The guild halls of the mages and their private guild halls, homes and librarys are here.
*Sewers: The Sewers are below the city and may have exits in any district above.

Outside the the walls is considered the Farming district. Villas and their inhabitants receive protection from the city.





Persons of Note


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