Bochenricht is a major center of culture, magic, and science in the kingdom.




Bochenricht is a fairly wet and windy city, prevailing westerly winds blowing in moist air from the North Sea. Summers are warm but rainy, with occasional brief dry, sunny spells. Winters are cold, sometimes chilling or below in the coldest month, when lakes in the city centre have been known to freeze enough for ice-skating. Snowfall is usually light, starting in early winter, with icy sleet being the more common form of winter precipitation. Spring is very pleasant in Bochenricht when the city’s thousands of trees come into bloom with a new cloak of green, and days start to warm up after the dreary winter.



Major Businesses

Elleron’s Arcanum

Owned and operated by Elleron Hubbard, occasionally assisted by Olivia Koch.

Gerhardt’s Supplies

Owned and operated by Gerhardt Gerber.

Bochenricht Expert Smithy

Owned by James Smith, father of Erasmus Smith.

Temple of Pelor

Tristan of Ulm, head Paladin.

Pen N Pot

Owned and operated by Dastron Caruthers.

Wax Poetical

Owned and operated by Llynn Feyheart.

Masonry by Max

Owned and operated by Maxwell Fiennes.

Bochenricht Wares
The Rodent’s Rump
Cups of Clay

Owned and operated by Wendell Potter, brother-in-law of Erasmus Smith.


Keep City






Persons of Note

Lord Adelbrecht Bochenricht

Third generation of the Bochenricht line, a former adventurer and general in the Kingsport army. Lord of the keep city of Bochenricht.

Lady Sahara Bochenricht

An exotic woman from the far south and also a former adventurer.

Elleron Hubbard

A wizened, sage nobleman of arcane power and considerable wealth whose pull in the community is vast.

Melinda Amsel

Magistrate appointed by Kingsport Council to attend to the keep city’s needs.

Bar Eberhardt

Captain of the Bochenricht Guard.

Gerhardt Gerber

Owner of largest supply store in the keep city, and operator of several caravans and trade routes.

Arison Vellare

Official vizier and arcane advisor to Lord Bochenricht.

Haiko Kurka

Assistant to Melinda Amsel.

Aldhelm Tinpike

Chief Verminator of Bochenricht.


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