Melinda Amsel

Brown, curly hair, tied up in a bun. Tall woman with haughty face. Always wearing the most modern fashions, even when they are impractical.


Magistrate of Bochenricht, appointed by The Council of Kingsport.

Attributes and Skills

Melinda is a smooth politician, able to pick her battles well. She is also an expert in calligraphy (and forgery.)

Values and Motivations

Melinda seeks power through political means. She is not favored by the gods to be an adventurer or hero, so she uses the bureaucracy and financial needs of Bochenricht to further her goals.


She has a fiery temper, normally bubbling just beneath the surface. When she smiles, she looks more like she is gritting her teeth.

Useful Knowledge

Melinda is well-informed on all political dealings in Bochenricht, including those of organized crime. She also has some knowledge of the houses of the ruling classes in Kingsport.


She just generally has a horrible personality. She is an inconsiderate, selfish bully. She puts on airs of a noblewoman, though she never quite pulls off the elegant persona she is trying for. She just seems low-class.

Melinda Amsel

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