Lady Sahara Bochenricht

Long, black hair loosely braided behind her with ribbons. Dark, liquid brown eyes. Mediterranean olive complexion. Exotic and beautiful, but with a stern countenance.


Lady Bochenricht now wears an elegant veil to cover the unsightly scars incurred from the Chaos Phage.


Lady of the Keep City of Bochenricht.

Attributes and Skills

High Heroic Tier Invoker. An oracle of the Seven Gods of the South.

Values and Motivations

Childless herself, Lady Sahara has created several orphanages. As a former adventurer, she tends to hire people to investigate the darker areas around Bochenricht, attempting to keep the outlying areas free from bandits, brigands and more evil presences. She values peace over justice, unlike her husband.


Lady Sahara is generally reserved and reasonable, but her fury can be loud and violent, coinciding with her Invoker class.

Useful Knowledge

Vast knowledge of religion, arcana and history, beyond what even her extensive education should afford.


Breathy, quiet voice.

Lady Sahara Bochenricht

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