Janus, Marquis of Rossiter

Tall, lean and handsome with seemingly perfect features


Janus, Marquis of Rossiter is the head of House Faust, one of the major trade houses of Kingsport. He is currently the Chancellor of the Council of Kingsport, the governing body of the city and of the province. He also has recently become the Marquis of Rossiter. The previous Marquis, Nicol Lincourt, fell on hard financial times and Janus bailed him out, under the condition that Janus would become the Marquis in the event of Lincourt’s inability to perform in such a role. Lincourt fell ill weeks later, and eventually succumbed to the illness. Janus reluctantly became the leader of Rossiter province, petitioning the king to allow that he as Chancellor and Marquis could act with limited influence from the Council, as Kingsport has nearly succumbed to civil unrest.

Janus Faust, a prince of the house of Faust, was a disappointment. The only son of Markus Faust, he became the heir to the House’s considerable fortune and political power as the major port trading company in Kingsport, despite his sisters’ considerable business prowess and even temperament.

SISTERS: Jelena (older), Uta (younger)

Janus married a woman from the feywild, an elf orphan raised by the eladrin of House Landaris. When he spent a vacation there to sow his wild oats, members of House Landaris, embarrassed by his presence and the elf’s association arranged for them to be married.

Larrin nar’Rayya lived with Janus in Kingsport and bore Jayden Reininger. By the time Jayden was nine, Janus had learned of the Circle of Three and that secret society’s influence on the politics of the world at large. He arranged to become an agent of the Kingsport Circle and built a reputation for effective and ruthless leadership where his abilities had failed him before.

Janus’ older sister Jelena uncovered his work and sought to have him arrested and revealed as a heretic, but before she could meet with the other Kingsport Council members, the House of Reininger was attacked and she was killed. Janus suffered heroic wounds from this attack, which he himself orchestrated, and his complicity in public scandals was assuaged.

Larrin began to suspect him around this time and began to work in secret with Janus’ younger sister Uta, both of them playing the part of the ditzy materialists until they could accumulate enough evidence and influence to oppose him directly. When Janus found his wife feeding information to a rival house, he murdered her, and covered up the incident by administering poison to her corpse and blaming the rival. This political coup brought him even more power and influence over the people.

Janus, Marquis of Rossiter

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