Caldwell Awezomé Lazarious

Eladrin Sorceror who has an over confident and arrogant demeanor.


Character Sheet

Race: Eladrin

Class: Sorceror

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Height: 6’2"

Weight: 185

Alignment: Unaligned

Deity: Unknown


(As told by Caldwell around a campfire)

I feel as though I owe you all an explanation as to who I am and why I am what I am. I think we all have much to gain from working together, perhaps clearing the air a bit will help us to be more successful in or endeavors.

I was born under an ill star, a bad omen as it were. I was not treated well due to the circumstances of my birth, of which I had no control. This was part of the reason I had to escape the fey wild.

When I was younger and studying my art, there was another student, Arinar of Uthica, who was a noble eladrin of another house. Because I was born under this omen, he did everything he could to keep me from receiving proper instruction on the arcane and such respected eladric traditions. My natural talents and powers came very easy to me, but because of Arinar’s interference, it was difficult to get assistance from anyone else. My birth under an ill star was constantly thrown in my face, and because of the Uthica’s influence over our town was so great, even those who would look past this would not.

One night, I broke into the arcane libraries. I had to do this from time to time in order to train myself as no one else would. I stumbled across mention of a powerful ritual which held the secret to controlling time itself, which is one of the holy grails of the arcane. I knew that with my natural talents and enough study, I could adapt this ritual to my own benefit. Through this ritual, I could earn the respect of my peers or even change the circumstances of my own birth.

I got so excited, I moronically told one of my only friends. Of course this friend ended up betraying me claiming that he was concerned for my safety. Not surprisingly, this friend soon progressed in society with the help of the Uthicas, and now that my secret had been revealed, lunacy was added to my list of faults.

After that I voluntarily outcasted myself from that town in the fey wild. I began to pursue the clues I had, thus ending up in Bochenricht and consorting with thieves and pickpockets in the hopes that I could find more clues.

Perhaps now you can understand my persistance in seeking these artifacts, this could be the Lexicon I’ve been looking for. And perhaps now you will understand my demeanor, it is hard for me to trust anyone, especially a member of the thieves guild and a demon.

Caldwell Awezomé Lazarious

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