Frappé was a on a journey from Calypston to Barronshead to deliver a message for some coin, when a winter storm hit. Using his skills in survival, he made a makeshift shelter from tree branches and animal skins. A nearby Wood Woad took umbrage with his mathods and began to attack him. His best defenses kept the thing at bay, but only barely. Enraged, the creature called upon nature’s fury to punish Frappé, but combined with the strange magic of the storm, he found himself transported across the planes to a swampy jungle.

The only civilization he found there was primitive and hostile, bent on human sacrifice to a god of Chaos, whose name he learned to be Tezcatlipoca. This group called themselves the Olmecs and had a strange obsession with mirrors and smoke. the more powerful clerics of the Olmecs were so fanatical to their creation god that they even mimicked him by removing their left foot, an act the god performed to create their world, according to their mythology.

The world itself seemed to be rebelling against these Olmecs, leaving any place they have not conquered a ferocious jungle of which even Frappé had never seen the likes. Alone in a dangerous, new world, he began a one-man guerrilla war to learn enough from their priests to return to his home plane. Weeks passed without success.

Then, providence! He learned of a ritual they intended to perform to open a planar portal and summon their god directly. From a distance, he watched as the priest performed the ritual, but was then interrupted by the portal opening early and several adventuring types pouring through it. The mystical convergence seemed to attract the attention of a dragon, which the adventuring types then summarily dispatched.

The jungle remained quiet after the battle, as he made his way to the temple to see what more he could learn…


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