Aldhelm Tinpike

A dwarf with a ratted beard and an iron helmet with torn leather scraps. He always has a strong odor of filth about him.


Chief Verminator of Bochenricht.

Attributes and Skills

Excellent tracker. Cunning negotiator. Nimble for a dwarf.

Values and Motivations

Aldhelm is a practical dwarf, motivated mainly by money. He does take his job seriously, however, and is proud to have kept the keep city so clean.


Aldhelm has little time for social pleasantry, particularly since most people give him a wide berth due to his job. He treats people as well as they treat him.

Useful Knowledge

Any streetwise check Aldhelm makes in Bochenricht will succeed. He has no particular knowledge of politics or history, though he will weigh in with authority on these subjects regardless.


Always eating something nasty-looking.

Aldhelm Tinpike

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