Haiko Kurka

A sneering, ugly halfling with badly cut hair and body odor, Haiko resembles a childhood bully who ever grew up.




Pickpocket. And evidently, spy for Melinda Amsel.

Attributes and Skills

He rarely speaks, and hence is good at listening. If he wishes not to be seen, you will not see him.

Values and Motivations

Haiko is a mercenary and a thug. He works for more powerful people to keep him protected from threats he cannot easily overcome, but will turn on anyone the moment it is to his advantage.


Aggressive facial expressions when seen, quiet malice when unseen.

Useful Knowledge

As a spy, he knows much of the underworld in Bochenricht. He is also one of Steiner’s right-hand men, having worked as a double agent against Sigmund.


Almost always sneering.

Haiko Kurka

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