Elleron Hubbard

Skin stretched tight across bone and sinew, Elleron resembles a victim of famine beneath his customary, embroidered robes. He has somewhat stringy, unkempt, grey hair that falls across his face and shoulders, but his eyes are clear and alert.


Sage and leading talismonger of Bochenricht.

Attributes and Skills

Elleron is considered a reliable sage, though many people fear that he hoards information. He is an apt businessman, as well, sustaining a considerable amount of wealth.

Values and Motivations

Elleron is self-serving in almost every regard. He cares for his assistant, Olivia, like an extended family member, at turns callous and kind.


Elleron is condescending but eloquent, with a voice that rarely goes above a sinister whisper, even when he is upset.

Useful Knowledge

In regards to Arcana, there is little he does not know. What he is willing to share is a much smaller subset of his startling intelligence. He also has intimate knowledge of the politics of the region.


He often lazily traces arcane symbols into tables when he is considering information.

Elleron Hubbard

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