• Aldhelm Tinpike

    Aldhelm Tinpike

    A dwarf with a ratted beard and an iron helmet with torn leather scraps. He always has a strong odor of filth about him.
  • Bar Eberhardt

    Bar Eberhardt

    Bald, burly, sports a bushy, salt-and-pepper handlebar moustache.
  • Caldwell Awezomé Lazarious

    Caldwell Awezomé Lazarious

    Eladrin Sorceror who has an over confident and arrogant demeanor.
  • Chava Kuth

    Chava Kuth

    Stringy black hair loosely tied, a heavily creased and tanned face, long limbs and a pot belly.
  • Elleron Hubbard

    Elleron Hubbard

    Skin stretched tight across bone and sinew, Elleron resembles a victim of famine beneath his customary, embroidered robes. He has somewhat stringy, unkempt, grey hair that falls across his face and shoulders, but his eyes are clear and alert.
  • Gerhardt Gerber

    Gerhardt Gerber

    Pock-scarred with short gray hair and goatee, average height and lean build.
  • Haiko Kurka

    Haiko Kurka

    A sneering, ugly halfling with badly cut hair and body odor, Haiko resembles a childhood bully who ever grew up.
  • Ichabod Gottshalck

    Ichabod Gottshalck

    An acolyte, studious and boyish. Bowl-cut hair, freckles and a bright smile.
  • Janus, Marquis of Rossiter

    Janus, Marquis of Rossiter

    Tall, lean and handsome with seemingly perfect features
  • Lady Sahara Bochenricht

    Lady Sahara Bochenricht

    Long, black hair loosely braided behind her with ribbons. Dark, liquid brown eyes. Mediterranean olive complexion. Exotic and beautiful, but with a stern countenance.
  • Melinda Amsel

    Melinda Amsel

    Brown, curly hair, tied up in a bun. Tall woman with haughty face. Always wearing the most modern fashions, even when they are impractical.
  • Mr. Crimp

    Mr. Crimp

    A dapper goblin posing as a gentleman.
  • Mr. Grumbel

    Mr. Grumbel

    A goliath dressed in formal clothes that barely fit.
  • Olivia Koch

    Olivia Koch

    Assistant to Elleron Hubbard at Elleron’s Arcanum
  • The Prophetess Syl'zona

    The Prophetess Syl'zona

    Bald and pale with tribal tattoos and a long braided topknot. She lives up to the image of a Shadar-Kai witch.
  • Tristan of Ulm

    Tristan of Ulm

    A paladin with shining teeth, long blonde locks, perfect skin and a superior demeanor.